Ladies Night Of Indulgence Mystery Box | Review

I find the idea of “mystery boxes” pretty darn exciting. I guess I just really love surprises. In 2017 I ordered a mystery box from Groupon and it was definitely full of a few gems so when I came across this “Ladies Night Of Indulgence” mystery box on Amazon I knew I wanted to give it a try!

While I remembered looking at them, I had totally forgotten that I had actually ordered one so it was a complete surprise to me when it arrived (saving details is dangerous for this very reason!). So many surprises!

Without building up the suspense any more, here is what I received:

  • body butter
  • sheet face mask
  • peel off face mask
  • foot mask
  • perfume
  • body puff
  • lip balm
  • eye cream
  • candle

This sounds like a pretty exciting list, and that’s because it is, but here’s the thing – everything was cheap brands. I can buy the exact same body butter in a local shop for £1, in fact…I have bought that very brand of body butter from a local shop for £1. This doesn’t make the products bad, however it does make you wonder just how they justify the £15 price tag. As I mention in my unboxing video (below if you want to check it out) I reckon I could put a kit like this together quite easily for a tenner. That’s pretty much what the reviews said – a couple of non-descript 5 star reviews and then a bunch of low star reviews commenting on how the box is really not value for money at all.

I have used most of the items from the box (as seen in the second video below) and there is really nothing wrong with them. I love the lip balm. The charcoal mask is not the best I have ever used but it did the job of ripping all the dead skin off. The only thing putting me off trying another one of these mystery boxes is the price thing.

With regard to the description – is this box suitable for an indulgent ladies night in? I feel like this would be great for a soak in the bath kind of treat yourself night…except, there was no bath stuff, just a shower puff. I also thought perfume was an interesting choice because to me perfume is for nights out, not nights in. The perfume and the candle are not, in my mind anyway, for the same party.

If you’ve tried any mystery boxes which have been really exciting let me know in the comments below, I’d love to try some more (especially if they come recommended!).


I made a couple of videos about this purchase! Watch me unbox the contents here:

and you can watch me trying out the products in the box, including ripping my face off with the charcoal mask, here:

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