Happy Plant Garden Centre | Shop Local Christmas 2018

I went along to the Happy Plant Garden Centre’s Christmas shopping evening, and since I’m promoting shop local I thought I would share some of my finds with you!

Happy Plant Garden Centre is situated in Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire, and homes more than just plants. It sells clothes, food, giftware…and at this time of year, they go above and beyond with all things Christmas!

I was delighted to find all kinds of Christmassy, wintery goodies – from tasty treats, to gift ideas to decorations piled from floor to ceiling (literally). Of course, a lot of christmas decorations light up and sparkle and naturally they are my favourite!  I was thoroughly impressed with the Happy Plant’s selection of Christmas things and couldn’t help but buy a few gifts and decorations! Pricewise I would say that the Happy Plant is reasonable – they have a good mixture of more expensive and more affordable items meaning that there is almost certainly something for everyone, I would say!

Catching up with my good pal Santa


I thought these street lamp style decorations were wonderful!


Shiny things!


Ever since my visit, I have seriously regretted not buying this wreath (the blue one)!


It’s like a mountain of happiness


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…
These light up pictures were flying off the shelves, and I’m not surprised because there were so lovely! (yes I bought one)
Would it be too cliche to call it a Winter Wonderland?


Didn’t you know that the good elves grow on trees?
Naturally, I may now be the owner of a light up polar bear and snowman. Maybe.
When he became a waiter, I’m pretty sure this is not the kind of serving he had in mind.

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