Things I Can Buy For 10p In October 2018

So I promised you a post discussing the money I make from blogging – well this is it (kinda). I’ll do a more serious explanation at some other point if people want – I know a lot of bloggers provide monthly breakdowns for their readers but I really don’t think it would be worth me doing such a thing because it wouldn’t be very interesting. This is the fun version focusing on one specific aspect of earning through the blogosphere – adverts.

So what is this post? Why am I talking about 10p?

Screen shot 2018-10-02 at 10.39.21.png
May was an unusually good month

The amount of money I earned in August from the adverts which pop up at the side of your screen when you read this was 9 cents. That equates to roughly 6.9p. For the whole month.

Screen shot 2018-10-02 at 10.39.06.png

To make it easier for myself I rounded it up to 10p, and I thought it would be really fun to work out just what exactly I could buy with my month’s earnings.

Not a Freddo, that’s for sure.

I found this one on the Google.

Things I could buy for 10p:

  • Around 5 hours of energy for my new home (based on the bills when I’m not actually living there).
  • 1/500th of a tank of petrol.
  • 2 5p sweets (formerly known as penny sweeties).
  • 1 10p sweet (formerly known as two-penny sweets).
  • 1/1485120th of an averagely priced house in Scotland.
  • 1/3rd of a Tesco jam doughnut.
  • 1/6th of a second class stamp or 1/7th of a first class stamp (but not the envelope).
  • 8 hours of a Netflix subscription.
  • 10% of any standard item in Poundland.
  • 1/271610th of an average wedding and 1/42570th of an average funeral and burial.
  • 2 disposable nappies for a newborn baby (based on Tesco own brand).
  • 1/5th of a pint of milk.
  • 1 and a half minutes of childcare (based on average price of part time childcare in Scotland).
  • Around a week’s worth of hamster food.
  • 1/200th of a miniature bottle of Moet And Chandon Brut Imperial (you know, to celebrate my richness)

Screenshot of champagne bottle.

Safe to say, such is the cost of living that I’m not going to be giving up the day job any time soon!

Obviously this post was a bit of fun but I think it is also an interesting look at how much things really cost nowadays. Unfortunately the reality that inflation rates are starkly higher than minimum wage increases is no joke.

Let me know in the comments below some of your favourite things to spend your riches on!

13 thoughts on “Things I Can Buy For 10p In October 2018

    1. I used to get 50p for tuck shop on a Friday and could get crisps, a Milky Way and a bottle of juice and sometimes still have change! It’s crazy how much things have changed.


  1. I love that image measuring today’s economy based on Freddie bars! I am quite impressed that you can get 8 hours for Netflix and 2 nappies for 10p though.


  2. I remember when, on a Sunday morning, I’d cycle to the newsagents to get my parents their weekend newspaper. I’d have 10p to get sweets and I’d get a bag of pic n mix! Often white chocolate mice were 2 for 1 penny … fruit cocktail and black jacks the same. I’d have a real treat bag of goodies to look forward to when I got home!


  3. I remember the days when you could get 2 sweets for a penny, or even halfpenny (think it ceased when I was 6 or 7). 10p for a pack of polos, now what are they 60p or something silly, I won’t buy them now haha. how times have changed #blogtober18


  4. Brilliant post, although it is quite scary how little you can buy for 10p, especially when I used to go to the sweet shop on a Friday after school with 10p and get an entire bag of sweets!


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