Furnishing My Dream Home: Annie Mo’s Blogger Event

If you see anything you fancy, you can use the code kirstyttlg10 on Annie Mo’s website for a cheeky wee discount!


I was fortunate enough to be invited along to Annie Mo’s Union Street shop in Aberdeen, and was pretty disappointed when I had to send in my apologies because I was snowed in. As it turned out, the deliveries couldn’t get through (let’s face it, the whole country was at a standstill!) and the event was postponed. I was excited when I could make it along to the new date – everything on the website looked so lovely!

I was a bit late because of work and travel, so unfortunately I missed the networking part of the evening, but I still found time to explore all of the wonderful things they stock – and maybe buy a couple of candles and a coaster…

I’ve been thinking a lot this year about buying a house and what I would look for, and the kind of things that I would want to make that house feel like my home. These were things that I was thinking about as I walked around the store (with my Mum, who needs some training in blog photography but we’ll get there!).

Now while there were a lot of things that I did like, there were also a lot of things that I really thought were quite hideous – but I can guarantee you that there were bloggers there who loved the things I hated and hated the things I love, that’s the joy of personal style! I sat in so many chairs testing their comfiness, it was ridiculous.

This one was definitely one of the most comfortable that I tried!

So the first thing I absolutely fell in love with – which I had fallen in love with on their social media and couldn’t wait to see IRL – was the stuffed animal heads. They are probably meant for a nursery or a playroom, but I think they’re pretty wonderful and I am OBSESSED.



So as well as the animal heads, another thing that I just couldn’t get enough of was Annie Mo’s collection of clocks and mirrors, but let’s face it most of them would be too big for any house I could afford in the near future! still, it’s nice to dream though, right?


Finally, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards all of the quirky ‘finishing touches’ – the candles (which I would have bought in EVERY SCENT if money allowed, hopefully I can go back and get a sea salt one one day!), the coasters (I wish my letter had a better design but oh well!), the signs, the cushions and throws. All of these silly little pieces which in my mind make a house a home.

Here were some of my favourites (most of them would definitely find their way into the palace of my dreams!)

Does anything catch your eye? What kind of things do you think makes a house a home? Let me know in the comments below!

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