I Regret Nothing: Banned From Facebook.

I see so many bloggers who blog about blogging and I told myself I wouldn’t join them, but here I am (kinda).

There are bloggers who specifically blog about blogging and nothing else – how to have millions of viewers and make thousands of pounds a day. The downside is that often these blogs are poorly written, they all say exactly the same things and almost everything they spout is nonsense. Amongst them are a few diamonds in the rough, a few who genuinely want to help others but they are few and far between (and don’t normally make outrageous clickbait claims like “How I Got 1000000 Views In My First Week”.)

I’m not here to tell you how to blog, or how to have a successful blog or anything like that because I’m not a hypocrite (some of my posts do well, some not so well and if I knew a magical formula for getting thousands of views a day I would be using it myself).

A lot of non-bloggers might not be aware of the numbers game which blogging has turned into. Blogging is no longer about writing because you have something you want to share with the world, it has very much become a game of superiority and I don’t like it. So many people take up blogging nowadays because they think it’s an easy income sitting in front of your computer. It’s not. I am one of those who still blogs because I want to blog, and I know quite a few bloggers who are the same (thankfully, or I might have given up). I don’t make an income from blogging (aside from my affiliate with GlossyBox, but I haven’t put it into action yet), I think that is important to put out there. This blog prides itself on honesty. Do I still feel pressure to get some decent figures though? Of course I do.

So how do I achieve my (admittedly tiny) figures? I’m blessed to have a (very) small dedicated following which I built during KTTLG 1.0 who still support me (love you guys), and I also use Facebook (500 follower giveaway coming soon!) and Instagram. Occasionally I am on Twitter and I’m attempting to break into the world of Pinterest.

The big one that I want to talk about here is Facebook.

Sure I share things on my blog Facebook page and sometimes on my personal account too. With Facebook’s current set of secret rules (AKA algorithm) this doesn’t always prove to be particularly fruitful however. So I put my hands up and confess that I am a member of various Facebook groups for bloggers, literally tens of them. Sometimes I share my content in there, and participate in various fun threads (like ones for Instagram posts).

I was recently blocked from one of these Facebook groups.


So where did the title of this post come from? Not so long ago I was blocked from a Facebook group (Bloggers Get Social, or something similar) because both the admin and I woke up on the wrong side of the bed on the same day.

I was taking part in an Instagram thread (a running theme it would appear!), and apparently when I posted the link to my account it had attached a preview in the comments. The rules of the post specifically outlined that any previews should be deleted, and had I seen the preview on my phone I would have endeavoured to delete it. So rather than pointing out to me that there was a link preview attached to my comment, the admin instead proceeded to just delete my comment without warning – which was brought to my attention as the admin in question posted a comment asking people to make sure they followed the rules and that the numbering of the comments was continuous. The exact reason that numbering wasn’t continuous was that they had deleted my comment, thus leaving a glaring whole where it looked like the bloggers in question had forgotten that the number 2 existed. When I asked why my comment was deleted I was told, bluntly, that it was because I hadn’t followed the rules but that I was welcome to re-post my comment “appropriately”. When I asked why they didn’t just ask me to remove the preview (and in turn not mess up their numbering) I was told, again rather bluntly, that it wasn’t their fault that I hadn’t seen the preview because “it normally shows up on the comment” and that I should just repost my comment without the preview. Using all of my strength to not tell them where they could stick their comment (the tone of their comments was not conducive to setting me up for a good day) I politely(ish) declined the opportunity to repost my comment on the grounds of “not needing their [negative] energy in my life”. Which they followed up with a comment telling me that they weren’t being negative and that, in fact, they were trying to support me to get the most out of the group. There was another comment posted by the admins shortly after, but I never got to see it because when I clicked on the notification Facebook told me that I no longer had access. When I typed the group name into the search bar it flashed up before quickly disappearing when I clicked on it. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the moment that I learned that I had not only been kicked out of the group for standing my ground but that they had blocked me to ensure I would never return.

Was I petty? A little bit. Do I feel like the admins acted accordingly? Not really – I feel like they overreacted both when they deleted my comment and when they deleted me. Had I ever caused upset in that group before? Not knowingly. Do I regret what I said when I was feeling a bit sassy/hangry? Not at all, but I am a bit disappointed in the lack of support in a group geared at supporting bloggers.

5 thoughts on “I Regret Nothing: Banned From Facebook.

  1. That is absolutely ridiculous. You can’t even remove the preview on certain phones, even if you try to. Most groups are chilled about it and would, as you suggest, just ask you to remove it. An admin can do it if it’s bothering them that much anyway.
    It sounds like you’re better off out of there.
    V ❤️


  2. Um… I’m in a couple Facebook blog groups and I’ve seen that whole “delete you preview” thing before… I honestly have no idea how to delete it haha but I’m not all that active in those groups so I normally don’t post on those threads anyway. And I hear ya, I too LOATH bloggers who blog about blogging (that sounds pretty cool actually), but I too occasionally have to turn into a bit of a hypocrite… It’s a hard knock life haha


  3. I get so annoyed in some Facebook groups, not just blogging ones, where people are like “we have RULES you must stick you!” and call out members for not following them. What an overreaction – you did nothing wrong and the admin clearly didn’t like being told she’d done something wrong! I’ve been admin of a Facebook group and can say from experience it’s a little toxic and gets very cliquey between admins. You’re better off not in that group (and I certainly won’t be joining it!)

    Rachel || https://wordofrachel.com

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  4. I thought it was just me who felt this way. Glad someone else put this into words. It’s a double edged sword to me. For example, if it wasn’t for these blogging groups I wouldn’t get the views, clicks, comments and numbers that I do. Most of my traffic is from Facebook and these groups create these posts that give bloggers a platform.

    However, their rules can become ridiculous. Especially since their idea of equality is to make sure that all those who left comments are getting an equal share of clicks and views. All that does though is give a false sense of who is really giving a crap about what you’re writing or putting out there. These “all or nothing” threads are obnoxious for that reason. People are just aimlessly clicking through your posts because they’re being forced to. Just a couple of days ago I got called out by a mod because I didn’t click through ALL of the comments on that thread and leave a comment or retweet people’s tweets. There were over 100 participants. You expect ALL of us to click through 120-130 tweets? Seriously?

    Sorry for the rant but I feel your frustration because I’m feeling it as well.


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