Friendship…in a box?


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***DISCLAIMER: Think that reading this post will ruin the surprise? Don’t worry, this gift box contains various customisable components so what you see here isn’t necessarily what you will get!***

So some of you might have seen on Facebook that last month I received a HELLA CUTE belated birthday present from my best friend…a box of friendship.

Quite a lot of you were as besotted with the gift as I was, so I thought that (especially with the imminent festive season) I would tell you a little bit more about it.

Simple outside, exciting insides!

I unwrapped an unsuspecting box with a simple label, and when I worked up the courage to open it (I was on a Megabus at the time and could hear things moving about inside) I met with a lovely sight.


So as well as the beautiful sparkly tissue paper and sequins and concertina’d shredded paper adding to the aesthetic pleasure of opening the friendship boxes, what else was inside?

The first thing out of the box is a “Desk  Buddy…for feel good reminders”. The little quote cards that came along with with this (there were three double sided cards, so six different heartwarming friendship quotes) say some of the cutest things and are definitely a little boost of the warm fuzzy wuzzies when you need it!


The next thing out of the box was a “Sparkler…so you can shine bright!”. Not only is the sentiment cute, but we all know that sparklers are the most fun of the fireworks family.


The next two items were edible (and delicious!) and I got a “Chocolate Marshmallow…because life is sweeter with friends” and “Pukka Teabag…for when we have a good gossip”.


The final item in this terribly exciting this box of goodies (the saying is true, great things really do come in small packages!) was a “Necklace…to keep close to your heart”.  Such a beautiful little piece, and who doesn’t love some new jewellery?


The Friendship Box, in all its customisable cuteness, is available on Etsy


13 thoughts on “Friendship…in a box?

  1. AWWW This is such a cute idea! It reminds me of subscription boxes but based on friendship that you send to friends, I love it!


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