Follow Friday: 06/10/2017

With new blog comes new fun! I have decided that I want to share some love for all of these people who spend their time creating content which I enjoy, so every Friday I shall endeavour to share a Blogger or Vlogger (or maybe both!) Of The Week.

Blogger Of The Week:

This was a tough one, because I’ve come across so many wonderful new bloggers in the past couple of weeks. So after some deliberation I chose This Real Life Dad, because his blog has touched me the most this week!

Go check him out at:

Vlogger Of The Week:

Anybody who is friends with me on Facebook will be familiar with my love of Sophie Louise! I accidentally discovered her two or three weeks ago when I got sick fed up of watching beauty vloggers review makeup and other products which aren’t likely to be in my price range anytime soon. I decided to humour myself and searched for reviews on Superdrug makeup (90% of my make up is MUA or Make Up Revolution) and she popped right up at the top!

She’s brilliant, so genuine and such a sweetheart – it’s so refreshing to find a real person!

Check out one of her latest videos here:

Check her out here:

Know somebody I should consider for future weeks? Comment below!

4 thoughts on “Follow Friday: 06/10/2017

  1. Can’t wait to check out these vlogs. Will give me something to do while trying to get the kiddo’s in bed 🙂 Have a great day.


  2. Thank you so much for choosing me as your blogger of the week. You have no idea what it means to me. I’m so glad you like my post and I hope I keep inspiring you and others. As my name suggests I write from the heart and each post has to be open, honest and real to me. Xx


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