All For One & One For All.

Always remember that you are not better than anybody else.

Maybe you are older than them.  Maybe you have more experience than them.  Maybe you have children.  Maybe you are divorced.  Maybe you are married.  Maybe you are promoted.  Maybe you have a career.  Maybe you have a title.  Maybe you’ve worked hard your entire life.  Maybe you’ve never had to work a day in your entire life.  Maybe you inherited millions.  Maybe you built your empire.  Maybe you’ve overcome a terrible illness. Maybe you’ve won an award.  Maybe you have a hundred friends.  Maybe you’ve adopted, or fostered.  Maybe you drive a ‘nice’ car.  Maybe you have a minuscule carbon footprint.  Maybe you’re a vegetarian, or a vegan.  Maybe you’ll eat anything which is put in front of you.  Maybe you have a large disposable income.  Maybe you’re a great budgeter.  Maybe you are in a position of power.  Maybe you bear a lot of responsibility. Maybe you fought in a war.  Maybe you have a PHD. Maybe religion drives your life.  Maybe you are teetotal.  Maybe you only buy organic.  Maybe your life is drug-free. Maybe you love your body.  Maybe you have great hair. Maybe you have abs. Maybe.

You are no better than anybody else.

Perhaps they’re a child. Perhaps they’re new.  Perhaps they’re frivolous.  Perhaps they’re uneducated. Perhaps they are battling addiction.  Perhaps they depend on benefits. Perhaps they struggle to make ends meet.  Perhaps they’re raising a child when they’re only 15.  Perhaps they had to give up they’re child. Perhaps they lost their child.  Perhaps they can’t have a child.  Perhaps he left her.  Perhaps she left him. Perhaps they’re getting married after only knowing each other for 6 weeks.  Perhaps they don’t have a job.  Perhaps they’ve never had a job.  Perhaps they can’t spell.  Perhaps they’re introverted. Perhaps their sense of humour is controversial.  Perhaps they’re scantily clad.  Perhaps they are promiscuous. Perhaps they’re fat.  Perhaps they’re thin.  Perhaps they are ill.  Perhaps they are mentally ill.  Perhaps they have tried to kill themselves, and perhaps they failed, or perhaps they were successful. Perhaps.

They are no less a person than anybody else.

All humans are created equal, born equal, and die equal.  You have never been any better than anybody else, and you never will be.  Always remember that.


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