Little Miss Unemployable

Guess where I am?  I’m right here, stuck in one of life’s vicious, vicious ruts.  A rut familiar to many adults.  I’m not unemployed, the only reason being that everybody tells me it’s easier to get a new job if you are already employed somewhere.  I sit here before you (I am sitting, you’re going to have to take my word for it) and tell you that everybody is wrong.

I finished college in June, and I sit here 2 months later with a university space that I don’t want and in a job that I hate with such a burning passion that it makes me ill.  I have been applying for jobs left, right and centre since Easter, and you know what it’s got me? 2 interviews.  I have easily applied for more than 70 jobs, and do you know what the problem is?  INEXPERIENCE.

Everywhere nowadays demands that you have experience, but nowhere is willing to give you that experience in the first place.  I spy a flaw in this, a flaw which I fully believe is a major contributor to Britain’s scandalously high unemployment rates.

I don’t have a degree, and I don’t have any particular desire at this moment in time to go and get one.  Does the fear of failure hold you back?  Maybe a little.  I’m still pretty sure, though, that if they don’t want me now then they won’t want me in 2 years time.

I think employers need to take a stern look at the way in which they judge people.  Is somebody with a degree really anymore capable than somebody with determination and willingness to learn?

I struck this same rut 4 years ago, where all of your life experience is not the right type of experience.  I’m a damn good human being, wasted.

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