“Ugly To The Point That It Horrified Me.”

In November Jian Feng was awarded £75,000 by the courts…because he fathered an ‘ugly’ baby. Apparently his wife had plastic surgery prior to meeting him, and never told him about the procedures.  So when Mr Feng saw his bundle of joy and she didn’t look the way he thought she should, he instantly accused his wife of being unfaithful.  Paternity tests disproved his accusations though, and this is when the truth came out.  So he changed his case, claiming that he had been wrongfully mislead by his wife and the male judge agreed with him. What kind of environment is this for their daughter … Continue reading “Ugly To The Point That It Horrified Me.”

RIP 2012.

Tomorrow sees the end of the year it was all going to end.  Was 2012 good to you?  Did it bring all that you hoped and more?  Was it filled with highs and lows?  Was it just another year? I started the year by making a list of 10 things that I wanted to achieve, because I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.  I mean, if you want to change something, why wait for a specific day, why not just start now? 1.Get into 2nd year with no less than a B in the Graded unit-DONE. 2. Finish Gold Duke … Continue reading RIP 2012.

Apocalypse NOW.

I’m not saying that I believe the Mayan’s calendar.  I’m not saying that I think the world is going to end tomorrow. I’m just saying, what if it does? If the world ends tomorrow, 21st of December 2012, I’ll  have spent approximately of  8185 days and 20 hours and 56 minutes on earth.  I guess the day before my imminent death is too late to realise that I never had a bucket list as such, isn’t it?  Take a minute, think about your ‘bucket list’ (a list of things you want to do before you die, if you weren’t sure).  Have you done … Continue reading Apocalypse NOW.