My first YouTube Shorts

I know it goes against the schedule that I literally just posted yesterday, but I wanted to let you all know that I’ve just posted my first YouTube ‘Short’ Please note it features an Influenster Vox Box featuring some OPI nail polishes which I was GIFTED in exchange for review. Check it out here… Continue reading My first YouTube Shorts


It is weird to feel that I have done so much writing recently, and yet none of it has been on here.  I’ve had this story kicking about in my head since last July, and over the months it has turned into a ridiculous amount of scribbles on various pieces of scrap paper.  Fed up of constantly losing, then finding, then re-losing these pieces of paper I decided to actually put some physical structure to this story.  So now that it has actually started to take shape in the English language (as opposed to scrawlings that only I could decipher), … Continue reading Storytime!