The latest Twitter trend shocking the world is #Cut4Bieber.  Supposedly started off as a prank, the idea was to get ‘Beliebers’ (die hard Justin Bieber fangirls) to cut themselves after an unproved rumour that the singer was caught smoking a joint.  As news of the trend spread, non-Beliebers far and wide started to mock them. “If you’re #cutting4bieber why don’t you just cut a little deeper?” one girl on my Twitter wrote. Self harm is not a joke. Suicide is not a joke. Now this may be the unpopular thing to do, but I’m away to jump to the defense of the … Continue reading #Don’tCutForAnyone

Stupid Girls > Perfectionists?

If you’re not already familiar with the music videos for ‘Perfect’ and ‘Stupid Girls’ by P!nk, take less than 10 minutes out of your life right now ;  -Perfect.  – Stupid Girls. Now explain to me why, even after much censoring (that’s the censored version) Perfect has been banned from so many different places, yet Stupid Girls hasn’t?  People got themselves worked up surrounding the displays of self harm in Perfect after the release of the uncensored video, yet there are blatant displays of bulimia in the Stupid Girls video and nobody seemed to bat an eyelid? Is it because … Continue reading Stupid Girls > Perfectionists?