Migraines: The Mental Muck Up

June has been earmarked as ‘Migraine Awareness Month’, and this is a cause which is close to my heart.  To read more about my personal migraine story, you can read A Hole in the Head.  Anybody who suffers from the disease will understand the frustrations, and the importance of the unofficial strap line “It’s more than just a headache”. In this post I want to introduce you to a young woman who I never met, yet who broke my heart a little.  Her name is Melissa Dwyer and, despite the fact that migraines are not a ‘life threatening’ illness, she … Continue reading Migraines: The Mental Muck Up

A Hole In The Head.

The end of November saw one of those anniversaries that I would rather hadn’t existed.  It was now a whole year since that fateful morning when I woke up with the migraine that just never left.  366 days this year, and 16 passed without me being migrainey or having a headache.  A grand total of 4 days off ill, and 0 days of college, because you reach a point where you learn just to get on with life. My first migraine came along when I was 6 years old.  It was December and I couldn’t stop being sick, the lights … Continue reading A Hole In The Head.