The latest Twitter trend shocking the world is #Cut4Bieber.  Supposedly started off as a prank, the idea was to get ‘Beliebers’ (die hard Justin Bieber fangirls) to cut themselves after an unproved rumour that the singer was caught smoking a joint.  As news of the trend spread, non-Beliebers far and wide started to mock them. “If you’re #cutting4bieber why don’t you just cut a little deeper?” one girl on my Twitter wrote. Self harm is not a joke. Suicide is not a joke. Now this may be the unpopular thing to do, but I’m away to jump to the defense of the … Continue reading #Don’tCutForAnyone

One In A Million.

This post may seem a slightly heartless, or a little controversial, or may not be what you expect to see, but it’s something I feel quite strongly about.  So if you’re not happy with what you’re reading, just go away. Social networks have been going crazy this week over the story of Amanda Todd, a young naive Canadian girl who made a “stupid mistake” and was, quite literally, tormented to death by it.  Worldwide people have been letting this girl into their hearts, with words of support flooding in : “I would’ve tried to save her if I’d known her when … Continue reading One In A Million.