Twenty Things I’d Like To Experience | April Travel Challenge

I’ve been so busy having an amazing weekend with my godson that I’ve managed to fall behind on the challenge again 🤦🏻‍♀️ So here is Day 7!

I started this challenge by sharing ten countries that I would love to visit and today I’m going to share with you twenty travel related things I’d love to experience – a combination of festivals, natural phenomena and attractions.

The following experiences are in no particular order:

  • Northern lights – they look so pretty.
  • Legoland – I really like Lego.
  • Warner Brothers Studio Tour – sometimes I feel like the only Potterhead to have not been to the studios.
  • Disneyland/Disney World – my parents never loved me enough to take me to Disney (AKA it was too expensive and they underestimated how much I love Disney)
  • Ice hotel – I mean, it’s a hotel made out of ice!
  • Cruise – I aspire to be fancy.
  • Rio De Janeiro’s Carnaval -party party party.
  • The remainders of the 7 Wonders – I need to know if I feel the same way about them all.
  • Canal boat holiday – they look so chill and appeal to my inner old lady.
  • Inter-railing – it sounds like the best adventure.
  • American Road trip – it’s the best way to see the states, right?
  • Scuba diving/snorkelling around coral reefs – how beautiful does that look?
  • Hobbiton – you know what puts me off Australia and New Zealand? Spiders.
  • Safari – all the animals!
  • Swim with sharks – they’re adorable and so misunderstood.
  • Desert island – peace!
  • Island hopping (Scotland) – this is just something I’ve always wanted to do, pop over to the west coast and hop from place to place.
  • Auschwitz – a piece of world history.
  • Music festival – they seem to combine two of my favourite things , camping and live music.
  • Up Helly Aa – vikings and fire, a wonderful combination.

Of course this isn’t everything, but I think it’s a pretty good insight!

How many any of these have you experienced? What’s on your travel experience bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

19 thoughts on “Twenty Things I’d Like To Experience | April Travel Challenge

  1. I’ve yet to see the Northern Lights, apparently Balmedie is a good place to go to see them but as it’s in the early hours I’m usually snuggled up in bed and miss them.

    Auschwitz is also a place that I’ve always wanted to go to, you just can’t imagine what actually went on there.

    Good luck in completing your bucket list 😊


  2. From your list I’ve been to Disneyland, Legoland and WB Tours (you can call me Queen of amusement parks/film gimmicks if you like) as well as snorkelling, swimming with sharks, interrailing, Auschwitz and all of the New 7 Wonders is the World. I’m not sure which ones you’ve been to, but can say that the only one which massively underwhelmed me was Christ the Redeemer. Everything else almost brought me to tears!


  3. Wow! That’s quite the list! There are so many amazing things on there – where are you going to start? I’ve seen the Northern Lights (one of the benefits to living north of the 49th parallel), and they are stunning. I’ve also been to an ice hotel – I didn’t get to stay the night (it was really pricey) but it was awe inspiring – even the glasses were made out of ice. Good luck working your way through your list!


  4. Visiting Auschwitz is also on my bucket list of experiences. My husband is Jewish and we watch a lot of WWII documentaries, so it seems pretty fitting. The Northern Lights are also a must see on my list.


  5. When I saw your comment about sharks, I totally squealed with delight. My boyfriend, Trey, and I LOVE sharks and want to swim with them as well. You have a neat list (most of these things are on mine as well) but there are some things I haven’t heard of that I definitely have to look into now!


  6. I would love to see the Northern Lights, go back to Disney World (I was 11 last time so I don’t remember much), American road trip, and Auschwitz would be really interesting. The ice hotel would be pretty cool but I HATE the cold. I did a little snorkeling in Florida 2 years ago but it wasn’t the full experience so I’d like to truly experience it.


  7. Great list! I’ve done a few of these things like Disney, Warner Bros, Cruise 4 out of the 7 wonders…but you have given me some ideas to add to my bucket list!


  8. Oh man, so many of these I would love the opportunity to get around to completing them. I too want to island hop starting in Scotland and do all of the UK. The Northern lights would be beautiful to see up close. I can’t believe you called sharks adorable, that is insane lol.


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